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Land Development Services



Standard Notes for Development Projects

Commercial Projects- Without Mains

Subdivision & Commercial- With Mains

Subdivision & Commercial Projects-With Mains and Reuse

Memo Regarding Disallowance of Size-on-Size Hot Taps 



Standard Notes for Capital Projects

 Capital Project Notes 



Improvement Standards (more to come)

Improvement Standards - Street Lighting


Checklists, Requirements, Processes

Checklist - Commercial Subdivision Development 

Checklist - Residential Subdivision Development


Fee Calculation Worksheet

Fee Calculation Worksheet - Commercial

Fee Calculation Worksheet  Subdivision




Hot Tap Requirements



Record Drawing Requirements 



Final Plat Submittal Process

Requirements for Permitting and Certificates of Occupancy



Fire Flow Request

Information Research Request

 Water Pipe and Fittings Materials

Addendum - Standard Drawings




Sewer & Water



Temporary Construction



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