Workplace Emissions

To view the small business training power point on how to reduce carbon emissions, click here.

In June, members of Meridians industrial business sector attended a Town Hall meeting on strategies for reducing emissions.

Increasing ozone issues that escalate in the summer months have had both Ada and Canyon County close to being classified as an area of non-attainment by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  A non-attainment classification by the EPA brings strict federal regulations and guidelines and that can last upwards of twenty years.  These regulations could greatly affect business valley wide and proposed guidelines could potentially impact the economic development and growth of Meridian.

To further the City of Meridian's commitment to its citizens and businesses The City has included a copy of the presentation in the link at the top of this page.  In addition please use the following web resources to educate yourself and others in industry.

For more information contact:
Joan Meitl, Environmental Assistance Coordinator
Idaho Small Business Development Center 426-1839,


Web Resources by Sector


§ National Metal Finishing Resource Center  
§ Paint and Coating Resource Center
§ Printers National Environmental Resource Center
§ CCAR (Automotive Repair)
§ Collision Repair Campaign
§ Healthy Air Business Fact Sheets



Web Resources by Topic

§ Process advisor, an interactive form for identifying those solvent/process alternatives most likely to work for your particular circumstances.
§ Solvent Alternatives Guide
§ Cleaner Solutions Database – a database that you can search by surface contaminants, surface substrates, cleaning equipment, solvents replaced and vendor product data.   
§ National Paint & Coatings Association: A voluntary, nonprofit trade association, NPCA represents some 400 paint and coatings manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, and distributors
§ Painting and Coating Pollution Prevention Guidance: An EPA document that includes an overview of the industry and an introduction to pollution prevention for paints and coatings operations; pollution prevention considerations; and case studies emphasizing approaches for reducing process waste
§ Metal Painting and Coating Operations:  Provides an overview of pollution prevention in coating processes